Home Security Services in Troy, MI

The Department of Justice estimates that there are 2.5 million burglaries per year in the United States, 66% of them occurring in homes, and most of them taking place in broad daylight. Not only does this result in billions in property loss and damage; if you’re one of the 47% of homes or 27% of businesses with no security or surveillance, good luck — police only solve 13% of all cases. If you don’t want to be a statistic, the business and home alarm systems installed by Vigilante Security are an excellent deterrent.

Home Alarm Systems

Your home is your castle. Moats are out of fashion, but there’s something else you should leave behind as a relic of the past: a boxed cookie cutter system that’s not designed for any home in particular. While they’re advertised as cutting edge, they’re not as effective as a custom-designed system that’s tailored to your home’s location, architecture, and unique hazard points. We install customized home alarm systems backed by our years of experience, and some of the biggest names in the industry, including DMP, Gamewell, and Winland.

Other Home Security Solutions

Our home alarm systems can be extended by integrating with other solutions, including home fire alarm systems that save lives and property, home environmental monitoring that checks for other hazards like carbon monoxide, burst pipes, and gas leaks, or home automation that improves home security with remote door locking, lighting, and more.

Business Alarm Systems

Businesses face challenges of their own, from locations that may be less than desirable to architecture that offers even more points of entry for burglars than for clients. That’s why our business alarm systems, like our home systems, are highly site-specific.

Other Business Security Solutions

Business owners have to protect against many of the same hazards as homeowners, but often with higher stakes. You may be using video fire detection to protect millions in inventory, safeguarding invaluable intellectual property with access controls, or using a video surveillance system to hedge against data breaches and liability. That’s why we offer video surveillance, access controls, and a number of other innovations that protect your investment and put your mind at ease. Best of all, these solutions scale with your business!

Our Alarm Installation Process

Protecting your home or business is a team effort. While home and business alarm installations differ in their designs, the process is much the same for both. We begin with a site visit that functions both as a survey for your installation and a security audit that identifies weaknesses. We design your security system — of which your alarm system is often only one part — bringing in other team members like CAD specialists, code specialists, and fire engineers as needed.

Once the design is completed and you’ve signed off, we get to work on alarm system installation. And when that’s done, our work is just getting started, since we also provide 24/7 security monitoring.

Alarm Monitoring

For all their differences, every system we install has one very important thing in common: our 24/7 alarm monitoring service, conducted from a UL-listed facility in Troy, MI. Because we use high-speed internet monitoring (with available cellular and private radio monitoring redundancies), we receive alarm notifications in a fraction of a second, drastically cutting response time.

Alarm Service Costs in Troy, MI

From homes to businesses, square footage to floor plans, and with a diverse set of needs, no two of our Troy security system installations will be quite alike. For that reason, your quote — like your alarm system — will be custom-tailored to your unique needs.

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