Securing and Monitoring Your Business During Holiday Closures

It’s been a long and trying year. Economic uncertainty, stress, and day-to-day headlines leave people and businesses alike feeling as though they’re being buffeted from all sides. If you’re relishing the thought of a vacation at the end of the year, or a brief closure during the holiday season, we can hardly blame you. But like any other aspect of running your business, a vacation — and the closure that goes with it — is worth doing right. From security monitoring systems for business to common-sense steps you can take, Vigilante Security is here to help.

Business Security Alarm Systems in Troy, MI

One of the first things you should do is get a checkup for your business alarm system. We tend to think of an alarm system as something that’s installed, then armed or disarmed when necessary, and otherwise largely forgotten about. But checking for parts that are worn, broken, or outdated is an important part of protecting your business. We can maintain what’s there, or expand your system with access controls, environmental monitoring, and other solutions as needed.

Check Points of Contact

If we’re being honest, nothing goes wrong most of the time. That’s good news, with a kernel of bad news. After all, when nothing goes wrong we often forget that someone needs to be contacted — fast — when it all goes south. Make sure that your security company has an up-to-date contact so we’re not trying to reach out to someone who retired two years ago. And if you’re taking advantage of remote or mobile access, ensure that only the right individuals have access to that data.

Backup Your Data

Every business is data-intensive these days. Back up that data, keeping at least two backups — one on site, one off — and consider a cloud backup service for an added layer of protection. Encryption is also a must, since it protects financials and trade secrets, as well as preventing embarrassing and costly data breaches.

Put the Word Out

In contrast to a personal vacation, where we typically suggest keeping things as quiet as possible, a business closure necessitates telling people about the time off. You don’t want to frustrate customers who show up to a shuttered store, or who call to place an order only to find there’s nobody there to take it. So it’s important to let your property management company or landlord, your security monitoring company, and even local law enforcement know when there’ll be a closure so they can keep an eye out.

Power Down

Electronics that aren’t in use are only wasting power — sometimes lots of it. Power down non-essential appliances and electronics, only keeping the important stuff plugged in and powered up (servers, alarms, environmental monitoring, and the like).

Do a Walkthrough

Make sure that you’re looking over your business and premises with a critical eye before you go. Lock down valuables. Check insulation around pipes (and add insulation if they aren’t already insulated). Make sure key parts of your premises are well-lit. If you’ve decorated for the holidays, check to be sure that those decorations don’t obstruct sensors, cameras, or sprinkler heads. And take a look at everything from outside so you can identify any potential problem areas (like valuables close to doors and windows).

Account for Turnover

Finally, a reminder that has less to do with holiday closures than a best practice (and, in some cases, a sign of the times). Many businesses bring on additional personnel to help out in the fourth quarter, whether it’s a retailer hiring additional sales help, a distribution center bringing on more pickers and packers, or a call center expanding staff to handle a higher-than-average number of calls. Some of those employees will stay past the season, but many will be let go at season’s end. So ID badges and keys should be turned in. It’s also vital to make the appropriate changes to access codes, passwords, POS terminals, and any other sensitive areas or systems to which those employees may have had access.

For help with these and other challenges relating to business security in Troy, MI, reach out to Vigilante Security today!