How to Customize Your Home Security System

We all want to keep our homes safe and secure. The reasons differ from protecting our family to keeping our valuables safe and even just ensuring our privacy.

That’s why it’s so important to customize your home security system to fit your specific needs. Here are some common ways:

Perimeter Protection

The first line of defense for your home is perimeter protection. You can set up signs and window stickers outside your house that let potential intruders know that your house is protected by an alarm system. Outside cameras can help keep an eye on what’s happening outside your house.

You can also install door and window sensors that alert you if anyone tries to get into your house through these entry points.

Interior Protection

The second line of defense should be installed inside the home so that if an intruder breaks through your first line of defense, they will not be able to get into your home without setting off an alarm.

The best way to do this is with motion detectors and glass break sensors. The motion detectors will detect movement in a room or hallway, while glass break sensors will sound an alarm if someone breaks a window or a door pane. You can also add additional keypads or panic buttons and security cameras throughout your home for added convenience and safety.

Asset Protection

Many people want their home security systems not only for protection from intruders but also for protection against theft as well. If you own expensive jewelry or other valuables, then it’s important that these items should be protected properly.

So, you may want to consider putting sensors on any cabinets where you store your valuables things. This will alert you if a thief tries to break into them and steal your valuables.

Environmental Protection

Your home security system should include sensors to protect against environmental hazards. You can use smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to alert you when there is smoke or carbon monoxide or low-temperature sensors to let you know if your pipes are freezing.

You can also protect yourself from floods by installing a flood detector in your basement or an alarm system that will alert you if water levels rise too high in the basement or other areas of the house.

Home Automation

Home automation systems allow you to control lights, temperature, and other aspects of your home from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. You can use these systems to monitor what is happening in and around your home while you are away on vacation.

You can also use them to control the temperature in your home, lock doors and turn off/on lights when you leave the house.


All in all, investing in a home security system is the smart thing to do for anyone who doesn’t want to take any risks with their homes. And as a result of today’s technology, consumers are never limited to one design or another. In other words, you can find home security systems that fit your needs without having to compromise your family’s security. Consider our guide above as a starting point on your journey towards securing your home, and then do some of your own digging to see what else is out there. Contact Vigilante Security today to get started customizing your own security system!