Improve Fire Safety with a Home Fire Alarm System

Whether you’re a homeowner or property manager in Troy, MI, you’re probably concerned with fire safety. As well you should be; the NFPA states that 358,500 residential home fires — nearly a thousand per day — are reported annually. Those fires account for about 2,695 deaths, 12,000 injuries, and property damage averaging of $7 billion. Fire safety matters, but because accidents happen in even the safest home with the most diligent occupants, a home fire alarm system from Vigilante Security also has a part to play.

Fire Prevention

Any homeowner, renter, or property manager hopes they’ll never have to deal with a fire. There are ways to improve your odds and keep your property safer.

  • Keep a clean home, since trash and debris adds fuel to potential fires and can also impede evacuation.
  • Pay attention to landscaping, since dead grass and overgrowth make your home vulnerable.
  • Maintain proper clearances around appliances.
  • Keep UL-listed fire extinguishers on hand and make sure your family knows both their whereabouts and their proper use.
  • Regularly inspect electronics and wiring for signs of wear.
  • Inspect and clean dryer vents regularly.
  • Do the same with your chimney, especially if you have a fireplace.
  • Never leave heat sources — your oven, stove, candles, and space heaters — unattended.
  • Have a fire safety plan.
  • Hold fire drills.

Finding the Right Home Fire Alarm System

If you’re looking for a home fire alarm system, there are three features you must consider.

System Capabilities

A mere smoke detector isn’t enough. That’s why our fire alarm systems can be installed with independent power supplies, and can detect carbon monoxide, heat, and aspiration in addition to smoke. For apartment complexes, pull stations, mass notifications, a variety of panel types, and networking can be implemented as well. Each installation is customized because each property on which we work is different.

Equipment Quality

Here, there are two considerations. One is the equipment. Because Vigilante Security installs Honeywell home security equipment, you can be assured that it will work properly when it’s needed. The other consideration is proper installation. We’ve visited many homes and commercial properties that already had fire detection systems installed, and the homeowner or property manager wanted to update. We’re glad they did, because if something had happened, we realized those existing systems would’ve been completely ineffective. Poor layouts and improper installations can be worse than no protection at all, since it lulls you into a false sense of security.

Alarm Monitoring

This is the most important — and most frequently overlooked — piece of the puzzle. In the event of even a small grease fire, most of us go immediately to fight or flight mode; we’re either fighting the flames, or getting our families to safety. A phone call to emergency services comes later, if we even have the presence of mind to do so. The advantages of a monitored alarm system are twofold. On one hand, someone has a watchful eye on your system and your home even when you can’t. On the other hand, if something should go wrong, they can immediately alert emergency services. That rapid response helps to preserve property and save lives.

We understand that you want the best protection for your home or commercial property. We also understand if you have no idea where to start, which is why we’ll suggest a starting point: reach out to Vigilante Security for a consultation. We’ll evaluate your property and suggest a tailored solution that gives you protection and precious peace of mind.