New Trends in Home Security


Smart Home Technology Will Appeal to Everyone!

Smart home technology has been available for some years, but like most technology, it may take a couple of years for it to become accessible to homeowners. Now, homeowners, and people of all ages will finally get in on the action with integrated devices such as automated door locks, smart doorbell cameras and systems for controlling thermostats, appliances and lighting. Google, Apple and Amazon are also investing in smart home technology with cloud-based apps and devices, offering more efficient, uniform connectivity between smart appliances and devices, providing a better user experience.

Mobile Integration and Self-Monitoring

In 2017, more people are using their phones and mobile apps to access and remotely monitor video surveillance on their business’s and their homes. Using their smart phones, tablets or mobile devices, customers will be able to get instant security alerts if an alarm has been triggered, watch real-time video-feed via wireless surveillance, as well as arm or disable their security systems – in the event of a false emergency – by sending a quick text message. This especially helps if you and your family are away on vacation for an extended period of time.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Surveillance systems are more intelligent than ever, featuring high-performance infrared and HD imaging integrated with analytical software. IP cameras offering enhanced surveillance capabilities, including scalable image processing, compression, streaming and analytics. IP surveillance systems with intelligent video have numerous capabilities, including automatic face detection. Intelligent video can be an invaluable service for business’s for identifying suspicious activity.

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