Videofied: What You Need to Know


With so many false alarms being reported every day – in Detroit, you may even get fined for a false alarm! – it’s easy to see why alarm calls are becoming a low priority for police departments. A standard burglary alarm signal may not always warrant a serious response to the police because, statistically, it was probably a mistake.

However, if an alarm monitor told the authorities that they had video footage of someone breaking into a home or business, the police would respond much faster.

That is why the product Videofied is one of the up and coming technologies that greatly benefits our customers. When an alarm trips at your premise, strategically placed cameras record ten-seconds of footage of that specific area. That footage is then sent to our central station where it can be viewed by a trained certified operator.

In the event of an actual break-in, this gives us the ability to actually report a physical description of the intruder to the authorities. Many intruders have been caught while still on the property.

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