Home Security Tips for Seniors

When we get older, our security needs change, especially if we are living alone. What might work for a young couple, or a family, might not work for their seventy-year-old grandmother. To avoid any worry, here are things that your family can do so that your elders can maintain their independence and still be safe.

Burglar and Fire Alarms

A home security system can offer a layer of protection, especially if they are not able to access the phone to call 911 quickly. Also, a monitored alarm can allow a call to emergency personal that can end up saving precious seconds in times of trouble.

Environmental Safety Monitors

These monitors can alert seniors right way if something like a pipe or a water heater breaks. This can be helpful if it happens during the middle of the night or while they are away and will save what could be further structural damage and higher costs.

Remote Video Surveillance

With video surveillance, seniors can know what is going on in any room without having to walk around the house. Not only is this knowledge a peace of mind, but visible security camera’s outside deter burglars as well.

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