Vacation Safety


Summer is the most common time to escape the house and take the family on vacation. What type of safety precautions should you take, though, while your residence sits empty during your absence? Vigilante Security has compiled the following tips to keep your home and its belongings safe:

Inside your home:
  • Make sure all your windows and doors are locked
  • Install extra braces for doors such as gliding patio doors
  • Lock up your valuables, but make sure where you lock them up, the safe is out of sight and not somewhere obvious
Outside your home:
  • Keep at least one car in the driveway to deter burglars
  • Stop any mail or newspaper services
  • Remove your extra key from obvious places like in a plant or under the welcome mat
  • Have the lawn maintained while you are away

What other security measures do you take when leaving your home for an extended period of time? Do you notify trusted neighbors to keep an eye on your house or hire a house sitter to swing by periodically? Leave your comments in the section below.