Protect Your Home in Layers

When home owners are researching home security, there a ton of articles that recommend taking a layered approach to home security. Security experts recommend a layered defense to maximize security, but what does it really mean and how does it work?

Layer 1 – Your Community

Living in a safe community means your home is more likely to be secure. When a community deters crime it makes your home less of a target for burglary. But how can you ensure the security of your community? Here are a couple of ideas.

  • Create or join a neighborhood watch program. Neighborhood Watch allows neighbors to work together for the better of the community by keeping an eye out.
  • Get involved with local government. By getting involved you can influence changes through updating of city ordinances.
  • Get to know your neighbors. This allows you all to know who to expect coming and going from your house and keep an eye out for irregularities.
Layer 2 – Your Yard

This may seem silly, but keeping your yard neat lets burglars know that you are present and attentive. It shows the home isn’t abandoned for long periods of time. When you go on a vacation or are traveling for work have someone pick up your mail, take your trash can in and out, and remove fliers from your door. These are all signs that burglars look for in an occupied house.

Layer 3 – Your Doors, Windows and More

Have you changed your locks recently? This question and ones like it are important to the physical security of your home. It’s important to have a lock that is right for you and your home. Also when you leave your home always double check to ensure that doors and windows are shut and locked. It may seem simple, but there are quick items that can make all the difference when protecting your home.

Layer 4 – Your Home Security System

Having a home security system provides home owners with multiple layers of security. Choosing an alarm system or company can be a daunting task. With Vigilante Security we take out all of the guess work. Our team of security experts will work with you to identify your needs and ensure your system meets those requirements.

Today’s home security systems offer a variety of options from access control to environmental monitoring. Allowing homeowners to have complete control of their home 24/7.

To get more information about products and services that we offer at Vigilante Security contact us today!