5 Helpful Airport Tips

TSA has recently been scrutinized for long wait times at airport security. If you are traveling somewhere this summer here are a couple of ways you can get through the airport faster.

  1. Use TSA Pre-Check

Pre-check allows you to get through security without having to take off your shoes or remove laptops from cases.

  1. Check-in Online

If you are not checking a bag, this completely eliminates having to wait for a check-in agent at the airport.

  1. Keep ID, credit card & boarding pass easily accessible

Eliminates time fumbling around for them when they are needed at the check-in counter or security.

  1. Decide on a parking location prior to airport arrival

This will make driving to the airport less stressful and reduce the chance of getting lost in poorly marked airport rings.

  1. Download airline & travel apps

These applications can alert you to when there are changes in your flight and offer easy access to flight information.