The Importance of Alarm Monitoring for Businesses

If you own a business, it’s time to invest in alarm monitoring to protect workers, customers, and property. Forbes cites two statistics we found alarming. First, businesses are four times more likely to be burglarized than homes. Second, only 31% of small businesses are actively protecting themselves against loss. The first figure might give you pause; if you fall on the wrong side of that second statistic, it’s time to contact Vigilante Security and protect your business with business alarm monitoring near Troy, MI.

How Business Alarm Monitoring Works

Vigilante Security installs business security systems throughout the Troy, MI area. We know the capabilities of these systems inside and out, and we trust the brands we sell and service. With that said, we know there’s something else that matters: with few exceptions, most businesses don’t have an employee on site around the clock, and even those that do tend to be staffed lighter during the graveyard shift.

Central monitoring backed by multiple redundancies ensures continual uptime. It also lets us know nearly instantaneously if there’s a sign of trouble, and since your business is continually monitored we can dispatch a response quickly. That gives you a higher degree of protection during off-hours, but it even helps during your operating hours, since your natural instinct is to respond to the emergency rather than summoning help. We step in when you can’t.

How Your Business Benefits from Business Alarm Monitoring

Your business sees a number of benefits from remote monitoring.

Back Up Your Hardware

While security systems have a strong deterrent effect, nothing is 100% effective in that regard. As we’ve already seen, a quick response is vital once your hardware has done its job; the human element still matters. Furthermore, because our solutions work together (CCTV, environmental monitoring, fire and smoke protection, and access controls in addition to alarms), you can catch internal threats like fire, burst pipes, and theft as well as external threats.

Cut Insurance Premiums

It’s safe to say that nobody’s ever complained that they don’t spend enough on insurance. Rather than cutting corners on your policies, a remote-monitored security system lowers premiums the right way: by ensuring your business is protected, making your business a lower risk to your insurer.

Peace of Mind

This one’s harder to put a price tag on. But let’s face it, running a business of any kind is stressful enough already. Anything that lowers your stress levels — especially by keeping an eye on things when you can’t — has significant dividends for your business and your well-being alike.

Request a Free Quote for a Commercial Alarm System

Let’s face facts: you can do everything right, but things can — and will — still go wrong. It’s best to anticipate and prepare for the worst with a good business security system backed by 24/7 professional monitoring. Getting started is as simple as getting in touch with Vigilante Security.