Troy Burglary Prevention: 6 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

Violent crime rates are falling, with law enforcement and even the pandemic playing a part. But even at that, an average of 2.5 million burglaries happen each year. If you’re trying to avoid becoming a statistic, keeping yourself and your family safer starts with keeping your home safer. Not sure where to start? Vigilante Security can help, with advice and a wide range of home security systems for southeast Michigan.

Secure Your Vehicle

One popular home and auto insurance site surveyed 1,500 American homeowners and found that 20.2% of people have had their cars burglarized, while only 5.8% had their homes burglarized. In light of that, securing your vehicle is as important as securing your home. Don’t keep belongings in the open where they can entice a break-in. Make sure your vehicle is locked, and its security system armed. Lastly, make sure you don’t keep a spare house key in an obvious place like the glove box or elsewhere in your vehicle.

Secure Doors and Windows

While anything that’s unlocked can serve as a point of entry for a burglar (some individuals have even managed to use pet doors), the most common way for someone to break into your home is to simply use the front door. So make sure doors and windows—especially the larger ones, not neglecting sliding doors and bay windows—are locked, and that their hardware is in good condition. Your front door should be solid wood or metal, rather than the light and inexpensive hollow-core doors that are increasingly common. If you’re a renter, have your landlord change locks between tenants. And make sure your exterior doors have secure four-screw deadbolt plates that go deep into the frame.

Let There Be Light

Even though most burglaries take place in broad daylight, the concealment offered after sundown is enticing to many burglars. A dark home can seem like an open invitation, so put lights and perhaps even your television on timers if you’re going to be out. Your outside lights should illuminate your home and property too, providing less cover and fewer hiding places.

Watch What You Say—and Where You Say It

If you haven’t been on vacation in ages, if you’ve just bought a brand new home theater system, or you finally splurged and bought that brand new TV, it’s human nature that you want to tell someone and let them share your excitement. But be careful with that, since you can never be sure who’s overhearing what seemed like a casual remark, or seeing a social media post.

Install a Security System for Your Michigan Home

Sensors that detect break-ins, surveillance cameras that monitor your home inside and out, and remote system monitoring that’s keeping an eye on your home even when you cannot each help to protect your home and all it contains. Just as importantly, a security system sign can be a deterrent in its own right; because burglars require time and stealth, they’re more likely to pass over homes that will take longer to break into or that increase their chances of detection.

Think Like Your Adversary

As the old saying goes, “Set a thief to catch a thief.” Simply put, it’s smart to put yourself in the burglar’s mindset to help you see your home as they see it, identifying weaknesses in your security plan so you can shore up your defenses. Look for gaps and signs of rot in fences. Make sure that ladders and tools aren’t left outside in plain sight where they can help a burglar gain access. And make sure your family members know that home security is their responsibility, too.

Home Security System Installations in Southeast Michigan

Speaking of security systems and security audits, we also suggest getting a helping hand. The team at Vigilante Security custom-designs and installs security systems throughout the Troy area, and we begin with a walkthrough and audit that can improve your peace of mind. Once your installation is complete, we also provide full-time remote security monitoring from a UL-listed facility. For the help you need protecting what’s important to you, reach out today.