What are the Best Smoke Detectors in Michigan?

If you’re trying to secure your home or business, it’s important to remember that natural forces can be even more destructive than human actors. So it’s not enough to install a burglar alarm and assume that your security needs are covered; protecting against fire with the best smoke detectors also matters, which is why Vigilante Security installs hardwired smoke detectors hardwired into your home or business. Shopping for new fire and smoke alarms? Read this first.

Types of Smoke Detectors

Rather than comparing brands, let’s look at a few popular types of smoke detectors and compare their benefits.

Battery Smoke Detectors

Many homes and apartments have one or more battery-powered smoke detectors. Because they’re small, easy to install, and inexpensive, it’s easy to understand why they’d be popular. However, they have some drawbacks. Accuracy may not be as high as a hardwired system, and it’s easy to forget to change batteries — which can leave you unprotected when you need it most. Furthermore, most battery-powered units will only alert the occupants of the structure; when it comes to summoning help, you’re on your own.

Hardwired Smoke Detectors

As their name suggests, hardwired smoke detectors draw their power directly from household current. They tend to be more sensitive, and more accurate, than battery-powered smoke detectors. They also have backup batteries built-in so that you’re still protected in the event of a power outage. And because Vigilante Security’s installations can be backed with remote smoke detector monitoring, we can summon help in seconds — time you can spend getting yourself and your family to safety.

Video Smoke and Fire Detectors

Not every area that needs smoke or fire detection is well-served by traditional detection methods. If you have a large property (a car lot, a yard with outbuildings or surrounded by woods), or a building with a large interior envelope (a distribution center, warehouse, or other building with significant open space), video smoke detection is a quicker alternative that can save life and property.

What to Consider when Choosing a Smoke Detector

While choosing quality components matters, we find it’s important to focus as much on the why of a system. When you know what you want to protect, and the kinds of hazards you face, it becomes a lot easier to design a system that’s tailored to your needs.

Smart Home Integration

Smart home integrations are a natural extension of your smoke detectors, and vice versa. Environmental monitoring that checks for carbon monoxide, leaks and flooding, power outages, and a number of other common hazards extends and enhances the level of protection for your home or business.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

When a fire starts, time is of the essence. Every hour of every day, we keep tabs on your alarm system from a UL-listed remote monitoring center. Getting help as quickly as possible protects property and saves lives!

Custom Smoke and Fire Detection Systems in Michigan

A security company won’t be designing the hardware that makes up the backbone of your system. But how the system is designed — which equipment is chosen, how it’s configured and installed, and how well it protects your property — is equally important, and shouldn’t be left to chance. That’s why each system we design is as unique as the home or business it protects.

We begin with a property inspection, taking time to identify potential hazards that you can correct. From there, our CAD specialists render your home or business in three dimensions so we can be sure each component and sensor is precisely placed. A draft version of the system is inspected by our code specialists to ensure compliance, and the smoke alarm installation completed by trained technicians. Once it’s installed, the system is inspected by NICET-certified fire engineering consultants.

Getting started is easy. Your fire alarm consultation is as close as a click or call to Vigilante Security.