Common Security Mistakes

As humans, it is common for us to make mistakes now and then. However, not all mistakes are equal, as some can be more detrimental than others. Common mistakes such as leaving the dinner to overcook are not a big deal. Nevertheless, mistakes that affect lives and properties are very serious.

Taking your home security is very important, as burglary cases are increasingly common. Data from Statista shows a considerable increase in burglary and crime rate in the US over, and most of these cases are related to poor home security and common security mistakes.

15 Most Common Security Mistakes

1.  Not Locking Windows and Doors

Failing or forgetting to lock windows and doors is one of the most common home security mistakes many people make. The first target of burglars is the windows and doors, and if you leave them open, you will give burglars free and quick access to your home.

2.  Inadequate Locks

Having improper locks on your doors and windows is another vital mistake you should avoid. You should avoid using cheap and low-quality locks on your doors and windows.

3.  Poor External Lighting

Your external lighting plays a vital role in the security of your home. When your outdoor lighting is poor, you cannot see or track events around your home. Most people only put one lightbulb at the back and front doors, which usually leaves many blind spots around the house. You need to use a proper lighting system and ensure everywhere is well-illuminated.

4.  Leaving Your Key under a Doormat

Many homeowners leave their key or a spare key under the doormat when leaving this house, which is no longer a secret. The doormat is one of the first places burglars check when breaking into any home.

5.  Hiding a Key outside Your House

Many people think hiding a key under the doormat is old school, so they decided to hide it elsewhere. It is not advisable to hide your key in a birdhouse, lawn ornament, or under a rock. Many experienced burglars check those places when looking for the key to your home. Hence, you should avoid hiding your keys anywhere outside your home. If it is necessary that you do that, wrap the key in with a plastic bag and bury it in a safe spot.

6.  Keeping a Ladder in the Yard

You should get rid of any easily accessible ladder in your yard. Keeping a ladder close to the fence, in the backyard, or against the house is unsafe. Burglars have many uses for ladders, and they can use them to access your home with ease.

7.  Leaving the Garage Open

The garage door is another very easy access to the house. Unfortunately, many people forget to lock their garage door after driving out. If your home is attached to your garage, access to the garage means access to your home.

8.  Using Fake or Substandard Security Equipment

Another common mistake many homeowners make is using fake or substandard security equipment. Some people use dummy cameras and other fake gadgets, and these tricks no longer work.

9.  Leaving Valuables Close to the Window

Keeping valuables close to your windows can also be dangerous. This will attract burglars and make your valuables easy to steal.

10. Having Hiding Spots in the Yard

There should be no hiding spot in your backyard. Thieves can hide in such spots until it is convenient for them to come out and steal.

11.  Not Securing the Second Floor Windows

If you live in a one or two-story building, you should never forget to lock the windows of the higher floors before leaving the house. Thieves can use a ladder to access your home through an unsecured second-floor window.

12.  Keeping Boxes of Expensive Items Outside

You can attract burglars to your home when you keep boxes of expensive items outside your home. You should keep them indoors until you are ready to dispose of them.

13. Not Maintaining Your Security System

If you have a security system in place, you should maintain it regularly to avoid malfunction.

14.  Keeping Your Alarm System Close to the Window

Many homeowners also make the mistake of keeping their alarm system close to their windows. This would enable thieves to disable it quickly.

15. Disclosing Your Address Unnecessarily

Do not make the mistake of announcing your location or sharing it on social media unnecessarily.


Your safety and that of your properties are paramount. Hence, you need to be very careful and security conscious. Avoiding these common security mistakes would enhance your home security. If your home is lacking a proper security system, purchase a system designed for your personal home from Vigilante Security today,