How to Avoid Electrical Fires and Burns This Holiday Season

There’s no wrong time to learn more about fire safety, and right before the holiday season, it’s always a good idea to brush up on your fire safety knowledge. 

Both the fall and winter holidays are exciting times where friends and family all get together. However, as impressive as these times maybe, unfortunately, there are plenty of unique fire hazards that present themselves during the holidays.

Statistics indicate that a more significant number of residential fires occur during the colder months. These fires occur primarily due to cooking, heating, or electrical malfunctions. 

Nobody wants to go through a house fire, so let’s take a look at what precautions you should take to ensure that your home and guests always remain safe!

Be Careful while Cooking 

The U.S fire administration indicates that 47% of home fires start while cooking. Although most people are mindful while they’re cooking, the holidays tend to be chaotic. When there are tons of guests around your house, it’s easy to brew up trouble in the kitchen. 

When multiple cooks and pots are going at once, it can significantly increase the risk of a fire. It might be challenging, but it’s essential to keep a few people in the kitchen as possible. Also, try not to make the mistake of leaving something in the kitchen and then going to tend to your guests. 

It’s very easy to forget about the food and find yourself returning to a smoky kitchen!

Be Responsible with Outdoor Light Displays

Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like an outdoor light display. However, outdoor light displays can be a real potential fire hazard if you’re not careful. Make sure that you use electrical decorations and extension cords that are designed for outdoor use!

When you’re setting everything up, make sure that you keep all the lights and wires away from the snow. It’s also essential to avoid any standing water to ensure that there’s no damage to the cord’s insulation. 

Make sure that you use a ladder made of either wood or fiberglass because metal ladders can easily conduct electricity.

Don’t Forget Indoor Decorations

After setting up the decorations indoors, test all the lights and wires to find any faulty products. These faulty products are very dangerous and can potentially cause a lot of problems. For example, if you’re using nails to manage all the cords, that’s a bad idea. Instead, use clips and get everything in order safely. 

If you’re using candles indoors, ensure that they’re in a safe area away from children and never go to sleep with an open flame!

If you’re decorating with any plants, try to ensure that they’re away from all heat sources. 

Wrapping up 

It’s clear that there are plenty of potential fire hazards that become evident during the holidays. However, it becomes much easier to stay on top of the situation by remaining mindful and keeping your eyes open for potential fire risks. 

Keep all lighters and matches away from kids, and you should be good to go!