New Developments in Home Security You May Have Missed But Need to Know!

Does your alarm system tell you if your washing machine has started flooding, or is it stuck in a time where the cat causes call-outs and annoyed neighbors?

Those futuristic technologies we used to marvel at are now mainstream. If you’re looking to replace your home security set-up – look no further! Read on to find out what new systems you could include in your upgrade.

Smart Home Automation

With the arrival of smartphones, all our technologies quickly became ‘smart’. Home security was not exempt, it used to be that you’d get a call from your alarm company or maybe your neighbor if there was trouble.

Now all that’s needed is the computer in your pocket and you get instant updates – arm/disarm, lock doors or even watch what’s happening on camera. Enjoy even easier control using Vigilante’s Virtual Keypad™ app.

Mobile Control is excellent for peace of mind in home security, but with complete wireless capabilities, you can control a range of smart objects in your home. From thermostats to appliances, lights to locks – choose your level of control, with the touch of a button or voice activation.

Environmental Alarms and Sensors

Automate your home with smart devices, and also monitor the entire scene – environmental monitoring capabilities keep watch when you can’t.

Monitor and be alerted to temperature fluctuations, moisture, humidity, power outages, carbon monoxide, floods (burst pipe), gas leaks, and much more!

Enjoy the freedom of an  EnviroAlert® system from Vigilante and you’ll never be in the dark again!

A range of events can be detected using sensors – body heat, motion detectors, and entryway (or window) sensors are available to install in private home security set-ups.

Install any or all of these security and safety devices as part of an integrated alarm system.

Video Surveillance

There’s no more anxiety with a camera that works around the clock keeping watch and obtaining concrete evidence. Gone are the days when video surveillance was the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

Video surveillance has truly advanced by becoming proactive – cameras can provide motion detection, email notifications, and remote video access, all on secure video.

Access Control

Not only for businesses – access to your home can also be controlled with touchless keypads so anyone you authorize can gain access. Allow babysitters or cleaners to gain secure access while keeping your family safe and healthy.

Proximity credentials are available in a range of formats, including key FOBs, ProxKeys, ProxCards, or ProxPatchTM. You only need to decide which access capabilities fit best with your situation and you’re done! No codes to remember, no fingerprints to scan – it’s all totally touch-free.

When you’re looking to secure what’s most precious to you, take advantage of the latest systems and developments.

Whether it’s no-touch technology for hygiene and security or protecting your home and catching environmental events before they cause irreparable damage – there’s no one-size approach for security.

Vigilante Security provides completely customized home security systems, tailored to your lifestyle. Grab a quote today!